The Edge Power Skating program has helped my son to noticeably improve his skills, his skating mechanics and help build his confidence all at the same time.  The program maximizes ice time and uses that time efficiently – skaters are always moving!

Mom, Christmas 2019 camp

Triston’s dad a professional coach (not hockey) said he was very impressed with the coaching of his son’s class and the program. He loved that we broke down the drills, stopped the drill if the player was doing it incorrectly and liked the build ups to getting to the actual drill. He has yet to see another program like this in Toronto. He compared Edge to PERFECT hockey in Ottawa.

Mother of Triston, PS201 session February 2020

Jason enjoys coming to Edge because he says the coaches are the nicest.

Jason’s Mom –  Summer Camp 2020

I have participated in other skating programs and one of the unique things I value most about Edge are the instructors – they recognize the importance of being kind, encouraging, focused, and ensuring the skaters enjoy themselves. They seem genuinely committed to helping skaters improve.

Liane , Mother of Jack aged 10, Christmas Camp 2019

I find that the edge and power skating has helped my stride improve. Before I never really noticed that I was not flicking my toes and now that I know I feel as if I am getting more faster. I enjoy attending the edge and power skating classes and I want to work on mastering the v start, because I am unable to walk on my toes, like the instructor last class. Thank you for helping improve me and I’ll try better to use more strength when I skate.

Aarthick R, player 14yrs, Fast Feet participant January 2020

The boys enjoyed camp. They liked the guys that ran it and mentioned that they gave them good feedback on things they did well and corrected them. Nothing worse then doing the same bad habit over and over 🙂

Mom to 12 & 13yrs AAA players, August Summer Camp 2020

Just writing to let you know that Alexis had a terrific time during her two weeks at camp. She loved that the instructors “started from scratch” to fix skating issues and that she was provided with very specific tips to improve her technique. She told me that the drills were both fun and challenging. Many thanks for the great sessions!

Sarah, mom; Summer Camp 2020

I thought the team responded wonderfully to the pandemic and the restrictions imposed because of it. My son as always not only enjoyed himself but improved as well.

Parent, Summer Camp 2020

I have never seen Kaden connect so much to his coaches. It is a tribute to the coaches at Edge

Kaden’s Dad; Summer Camp 2020

My child attended the PA Day camp for the first time on Dec 6th and I loved the instruction your team provided and would love to register him for another session. 

December PA Day camp

Grady did enjoy the training this summer at your camp. He really wants to play in a game like situation, with some 4 on 4 starting up , he will get his wish. I feel a lot better about him playing again, having spent the last two weeks getting his feel back on the ice – Thank you!

David, Dad, August Summer Camp 2020