Spring Session 2020

What Level Should I Pick?

Use our infographic to help you choose the best course for your player

PS 001 – Fundamentals

Approx. age 5-7yrs; For players who can skate forward unassisted with a glide

PS101 – Intro

Approx. ages 6-9yrs; Attention to learning the core skills of skating.

PS101 – Advanced

Advanced Approx. ages 7-9yrs; Attention to the core skills of skating with speed and the puck

PS Stick Handling

Approx. ages 7-10yrs; Entry level stickhandling program

PS201 Intro

Focus is on forward edges, crossovers & turns

Fast Feet & Forward Stride 9-10ys

Self-explanatory ….One of our most popular sessions

Fast Feet and Forward Stride 11 yrs +

Self-explanatory ….One of our most popular sessions

Backwards & Defence 11yrs +

Focus is on backward stride, backward crossovers & high-tempo defence skating skills

Crossovers & Edges 11 yrs+

Focus is on mastery of edges that will result in the turns/transitions being efficient and smooth.

Fast Feet and Forward Stride 13 yrs +

Self-explanatory ….One of our most popular sessions

Advanced Power Skating 15yrs+

For competitive players who want to take their skating to the next level

Do you have questions?

We have the answers

We are fortunate in the GTA to have so many offerings to train our players. There are times when your player needs to be taught all hockey skills and there are other times that they need to focus on skating or shooting or passing or stickhandling. We specialize in skating; our sole focus is to improve your players skating which leads to increased efficiency, speed, power, agility, balance and more. Skating is the foundation of hockey – why wouldn’t you want to go to a specialist?

Edge Power skating offers the best of both hockey and figure skating technique. We all coach in hockey skates and we bring pucks on the ice. The Coaches often co-coach with one another with one coach who has a hockey background and the other a figure skating background; providing a healthy balance with technical expertise and experience.

Further, our clients have told us they believe in our program and in our system (see Testimonials).

Based on 5 years of data collected from our client base, we consistently rank 8.5/10 or higher on meeting expectations as well as clients stating that they are extremely likely to recommend our program and sign up for additional sessions within the next 6 months.

Are waiting lists available?
Yes.  If you register on a waitlist, you will be contacted only if a registration slot becomes available.  No payment is required to be on the waitlist.

A credit may be granted if sickness or injury prevents a skater from being able to participate.  A doctor’s note will be required.  The credit can be redeemed for future sessions. Credit will never expire and can be transferred to anyone you wish.