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About Edge

At Edge Power Skating, we know the foundation for great hockey is great skating. But the fact is, most hockey programs are more about the puck than edges and speed. That’s where we come in. Our instructors, combining the best of figure skating and hockey, are experts at teaching the proper power skating technique. Using a competent, compassionate coaching method, we build on individual strengths and correct areas of weakness, step-by-step. That’s how we help your child build confidence on the ice and develop the powerful edges



Our philosophy

We are player-focused. That means we get to know our players and track their progress, at every session. 

Each player’s learning style can be different. We are able to modify our coaching style for those that learn best visually, orally, auditory and/or hands–on. We know that with positive encouragement, players work hard, learn fast and achieve results

Our Approach

We teach proper power skating technique step-by-step:
  • Each element is explained from head to skate
  • Each element is demonstrated
  • Drills are repeated several times
  • Our lesson plans our carefully thought out to deliver results at the end of our sessions.
Repetition has been proven to build muscle memory and therefore measured improvements in our players.  Consistently over 93% of our players enrolled in PS 101 increase their speed by the end of the session.

Power Edges

Increased Speed

Balance & Agility

Efficient & Effective Skating

Our Coaches


       Edge Power Skating has grown to include a 

  • team of experienced and trained coaches, 
  • detailed lesson plans thought through to the smallest detail 
  • tested to ensure results

Edge Power Skating has grown to include a team of experienced and trained coaches, detailed lesson plans thought through to the smallest detail and tested to ensure results. We now operate out of multiple rinks in the Toronto, Ontario area, have multiple seasonal sessions, day camps and over 16 programs. Edge Power Skating works with multiple teams a year at all ages and levels. We have coached OHL draft picks and seen our players succeed in their game and most importantly in their confidence. Tracey’s passion is being on the ice coaching. Her joy continues to come from watching players develop their skating skills and having players grow by challenging themselves. Pride also comes from seeing our players build their confidence, becoming great hockey players’ and also respected young men and women. We know that sport is an analogy for life.

Where Edge Power Skating began ...